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Final Perfection…

At AFAB we have a dedicated team of  highly skilled manual and mechanical deburrers concentrating on the final perfection of your critical parts.

Deburring – Deburring is perhaps the most critical post-machining operation for ensuring the functionality of the machined part. Burrs are most commonly created after machining operations, such as grinding, drilling, milling, engraving or turning.  Although burrs can be minimized or prevented in the design and manufacturing engineering phases of product development, the fact remains that burrs do occur.  Burrs cause fastener and material  problems, corrosion and concentrated stress thereby shortening the life of the part requiring more frequent replacement.

Proper deburring ensures the highest quality and reliable performance of your critical components.

We look forward to hearing more about your deburring needs.  Contact us regarding our material options, industry expertise and precision CNC machining capabilities.



Experience the “AFAB Advantage” when outsourcing precision machined parts and assemblies for your products. We are committed to exceeding your requirements and focused on your complete satisfaction. With AFAB, you can trust that your jobs will be done right the first time and on time.


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